India & The Great War

India & The Great War

India & The Great War

The First World War (1914-1918) was a watershed event in modern world history. India contributed immensely to the war effort in terms of both men and material.

Indian soldiers served with credit and honour in numerous battlefields around the globe in - France and Belgium, in Alden, Arabia, East Africa, Gallipoli, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Persia, Salonica, Russia and even in China.

A total of 1.1 million Indians served overseas in the war and 60,000 dead.

Indians earned over 9200 decorations for gallantry including 11 Victoria Crosses.

To mark the occasion and highlight the pivotal role of India in the war, the USI Centre for Armed Forces Historical Reasearch (CAFHR) in cooperation with the Ministry of External Affairs has drawn up a plan to use the Centenary commemoration of the Great War as a medium to emphasise the sterling contribution made by the Indian Army towards the establishment of world peace. Major categories of events and programmes being planned include:

Ceremonial participation by the representatives of the Indian armed forces in events organized overseas including in Turkey, France, Belgium and UK (there are pending proposals for events in New Zealand and Australia)

Commemoration activities, including exhibitions in India in collaboration with the USI and Army Headquarters.

MEA sponsored films, publications (including the latest Coffe table book 'The Last Post') and special projects, and proposed events planned and built around them.

Association with and participation in International seminars and conference (by MEA and USI), both in India and overseas.

Activities by the Indian Missions overseas to highlight and project the sacrifice of Indian soldiers in the World War-I.