Press Release on FORMEX 2014

Press Release on FORMEX 2014

For the first time, Indian companies are participating in the prestigious annual FORMEX Exhibition in Stockholm.  Ten reputed export companies under the banner of the Indian Silk Export Promotion Council (ISEPC) are exhibiting their products at the Indian pavilion in this Fair from 15-18 January, 2014. This is the only non-Nordic participation in Formex.

The products range from silk fabrics including raw silk and Tasar material to ready-made ups, fashion garments and home furnishings. one of the exhibitors at the Indian pavilion is displaying the Eri Silk from the North East of India, which is often referred to as the \'nonviolent\' silk or the fabric of peace as the process does not involve the killing of the silk worm. The moths leave the cocoon as soon as it is ready to be spun.

The Indian pavilion at the trade fair was inaugurated by the Ambassador to Sweden and Latvia, Mrs. Banashri Bose Harrison yesterday. The Ambassador welcomed the participation of ISEPC in the fair and expressed her confidence that the Indian silk products would have a good market with the quality-conscious Swedish consumers.

The ISEPC is sponsored by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.  Despite its ancient traditions which date back to 3500 BC, the Indian silk industry is very dynamic, as India is the only country in the world today which produces all commercial varieties of silk. The Indian silk industry is the second largest in the world, with a 15.5% market share and a producer of 18% of the world\'s total raw silk. Indian silk\'s uniqueness lies in its better strength, ability to absorb dyes, ruggedness, brightness and luster, fall, feel and drape.