Press Release - Dr Quraishi speaks about 'The world's largest elections' in Stockholm and Uppsala.

Press Release - Dr Quraishi speaks about 'The world's largest elections' in Stockholm and Uppsala.

Press Release

Former Head of India's Election CommissionDr S. Y. Quraishi speaks about 'The world's largest elections' in Stockholm and Uppsala

Dr S. Y. Quraishi Former Chief Election Commissioner of India spoke on April 11, 2014 at an event organized at the Uppsala University on the topic of "How the largest Elections in the world are managed: An Overview of Indian general election 2014". He explained the intricacies of the challenge to a70-strong audience and told them how the Election Commission manages to securely hold an election on this scale without tolerating even a 0,1% failure rate. He gave several examples of the steps theElection Commission had taken including manynew innovations to make every elections safer and easier for everybody involved, to increase voter turnout and to enhance the participation of women. Ambassador Maria Leissner, Secretary General Community for Democracies also participated in the event. She lauded India's success in organising free and fair elections but emphasized that ensuring effective democracy took more than just holding regular elections.

Dr Quraishi later spoke on the same subject at a well-attended eventat the Indian Embassy in Stockholm organized by theSvensk-IndiskaFöreningen.

A lively question & answer session followed Dr. Quraishi's talks in Uppsala as well as Stockholm touching on the powers of the Election commission, challenges of ensuring the legitimacy of voters, corruption in electoral politics etc.

Dr Quraishi who served at the Election Commission for six years - first as one of the Commissioners and then as the Chief Election Commissioner from 2010-12has the experience of35 years of distinguished work in the civil service, at both federal and state levels.Dr Quraishi is highly respected for his special contributions in social sector reforms covering health, education, population, drug abuse, and civil society action. He has also done extensive work in the fields of Gender, Women & Child Development, HIV/AIDS, Youth and Adolescent issues. UN and other international organizations have availed his expertise in these areas as consultant and resource person on several occasions.

Dr S. Y. Quraishi was inSweden to participate in a meeting of the Board of Advisors of the Stockholm-based International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA), the onlyintergovernmental organization with a mission to support sustainable democracy worldwide.