Dear PIOs,

1. The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has been organising the Know India Program (earlier Internship Programme for Diaspora Youth (IPDY)) to create awareness about the phenomenal transformation taking place in India and the country's progress from just a destination for culture, heritage and art to an emerging powerhouse in the global economic system. Thirty Two such programmes have been organized up till now in partnership with different states. Following the success of the programmes and based on the positive feedback received from the interns, the next Know India Programmes (KIP) are proposed to be organized for 40 participants to be selected from the countries all over the world. The KIP in the nature of an Orientation Programme is expected to provide the participants exposure to various facets of the Indian way of life, culture, spirituality, adventure and sports, creativity and composite character of India and interaction with youth from different parts of the country.

2. Guidelines and applications form for these programmes may be accessed on MOIA website . Details of these Programmes would also be available on the website of this Ministry .

3. The following may be noted in this regard:
(i) The participants comprising of Overseas Indians in the age group of 18-26 years who have distinguished themselves in any field and have abiding interest in India and links with India through parentage will be selected by Embassy of India, Stockholm. NRIs are not eligible to apply for this programme.

(ii)It is open to PIOs from all over the world.

(iii) List of applicants who have been selected for a particular Know India Programme would be communicated well in advance before its commencement.

(iv) Selected participants would be required to purchase air ticket for their journey from the country of residence to India and back, as per the schedule prescribed by the Ministry. The Embassy of India, Stockholm would reimburse 90% (ninety percent) of the total cost of the air ticket (at lowest economy excursion fare) to the participants on successful completion of the programme by them.

4. The expenses on international air travel from the countries of the KIP participants to India and back (as stated in para 3 (vii) above) and air/train travel of KIP participants from Delhi to Partner State and back to Delhi will be borne by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. Generally, the activities of KIP participants within Partner State will involve visit to historical, cultural, industrial, academic and tourist places along with meetings with constitutional head, Hon'ble Governor, Speaker of the Assembly, Chief Minister, and other eminent personalities. They are also given exposure of village life and interactive sessions in premier university/ institution/ organization within the State. This will promote the State to a distinguished group of Young Overseas Indians in their respective countries and will have ramifications in terms tourism, investment, education and glorious heritage of India.

5. It is now proposed to organize the 33rd & 34th KIP on the schedule shown below:

KIP Edition

Proposed Tentative Period

Proposed Partner State

Proposed Last date for receipt of nominations in the MOIA through Missions

33rd KIP

29th June, 2015 to 19th July, 2015

Himachal Pradesh

Jammu & Kashmir

Maharashtra, Goa,

Madhya Pradesh

28th May, 2015

34th KIP

17th August, 2015 - 07th September, 2015

Himachal Pradesh

Jammu & Kashmir

Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh

17th July, 2015

6. Request disseminate this information to all PIOs for maximum participation by them in the age group of 18-26 years.