Leading Swedish business newspaper organizes a conference on India.

Press Release

 Leading Swedish business newspaper organizes a conference on India

The leading Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri organized a conference on October 21 on the theme “India 2015”. The objective of the conference was to focus on how Swedish companies could enhance business in and with India, which offered many new opportunities following the many reforms and other initiatives planned by the new Government. 

Ambassador of India Mrs. Banashri Bose Harrison and Mr. Oscar Stenström, State Secretary in the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation were the two keynote speakers. In her remarks, Ambassador underlined that the first-ever visit of the President of India to Sweden in June 2015 had taken bilateral relations to a higher level and it was the right time for Swedish companies to seize the new opportunities that had been created by Government’s flagship initiatives such as Make in India, Digital India, Smart Cities, Clean India and Skill India.  She pointed out that there were many Swedish companies – large, small and medium-sized – which had products, technologies and services relevant to these flagship programmes and the potential for mutually beneficial collaboration was unlimited.  She spoke about the Make in India week which would be held in Mumbai from 13 to 18 February 2016 and invited Swedish Government and companies to participate on a scale that matched the high level of bilateral engagement.

          State Secretary Stenström, in his address, stressed that from the long- term perspective, Swedish companies needed to be in India, given its rapid growth.  He cited the phenomenal increase in number of mobile subscribers and of bank accounts that had taken place in India recently to illustrate its growth potential.  He mentioned some challenges that remained such as the delay in introduction of the GST and need for deregulation of the labour market but  added that, notwithstanding these issues, Swedish companies in India were satisfied with the result of their operations and expect the growth trend to continue.  He briefly mentioned some steps taken by the Swedish Government to help small and medium enterprises increase their exports to various growth regions including India.

          The informative conference included presentations by academic experts and senior business leaders from Swedish companies like Indiska, Sandvik and SCA (which are well-established in India) on how to establish business and to grow in India in a sustainable manner. The concluding presentation was by Professor Göran Hansson from the well-known Karolinska Institute who spoke about the opportunities for collaboration in the health and Biotech sectors.