Advertisement for renting of Chancery building

Embassy of India



No. STO/ADM/862/1/2013                                                                                              

 23 November 2016

                 Advertisement for renting of Chancery building

                 The Embassy of India intends to hire a suitable villa or building or apartment of about 1000 sq mtrs or more to be used as an office. 

2.               The property should meet the following requirements:

i)               Adequate number of rooms, toilets, etc. to accommodate an office where at least 30-35 persons can work

ii)               In or close to Stockholm City Centre;

iii)              Good public transport connections

iv)              Adequate garage or parking areas on the property itself or nearby; v)     At least one large room/hall of (20mtr.x12mtr) for use as conference/auditorium/reception area

3.               Additionally, could you kindly let us know your general terms and conditions which are normally applicable in such cases.

4.               Contact Person: 

Preet Kumar




(Mukesh Kaushik)

Head of Chancery