Colours and flavours of India to be presented at 'Namaste Stockholm' on May 21, 2016

Colours and flavours of India to be presented at 'Namaste Stockholm' on May 21, 2016

For the second year running, the colourful Indian festival 'Namaste Stockholm' will be organized in Stockholm on May 21 at Kungsträdgården (Royal Garden) in the heart of the city to give the visitors a chance to experience, explore and enjoy the four C's of India - the Culture, Cuisine, Crafts and Choice of destinations that this colourful country offers.

The day will begin with ‘Wakeup with Yoga’ at 830 hrs, with the collaboration of Yogobe, a Yoga community, blog and video service and the Art of Living. The Yoga programme will conclude with an address by Swami Jyothirmay on the spiritual dimension of Yoga.

From Noon till 2130, visitors will enjoy a non-stop cultural performance which will include classical and popular genres of music and dances of India performed by local community groups as well as professional artistes from Sweden and India. Astad Deboo, the pioneer of modern dance in India is one of the star performers who will be demonstrating his originality and versatility. 

Besides culture, Indian craftsmanship would be showcased with two master craftsmen who will display their impressive skills in the art of Kashmiri embroidery and in Miniature painting.
The festival will also present the incredible travel opportunities in India with the active participation of the India Tourist Office and travel agents with special focus on Ayurveda and Yoga.

A taste of the diversity and deliciousness of Indian cuisines would be provided by local organizations representing different regions of India as also some selected restaurants. Indian teas and spices will also be showcased.

A highlight of the evening’s cultural performance would be a fashion show which will present the works of three bright students from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. Other unmissable performances include:
  • ‘Conversation’ which will bring together Astad Deboo and Anders Hagberg on flute and saxophone and Ahmad Al Khatib on Oud; 
  • ‘Colours –Part II’ - a presentation on India’s amazing "Unity in Diversity" through the music and dance of different states of India, created by Ananya Dutta , the artistic director of the Indian cultural group Sanskriti
  • A trailer of the unique Bollywood Opera by Charlotta Huldt, 
  • A medley of melodies by the Uppsala Indian Choir, 
  • Music and beat of the Mayaswara Band and 
  • Energetic Bollywood dances by the local group Nrityadarpan and the group Let Your Body Speak, led by Latvia-based dancer-choreographer Avik Nath.

The event was organized with significant financial support from the Indian Department of Tourism under the communication platform India Unlimited, created by the Indian Embassy in September 2013, along with like-minded Swedish and Indian partners to strengthen the connections between the two countries.